Marvel Movies Connection Phase 3

Marvel Movie Explained

So the Phase -3 Starts here

He cannot defeat Iron Man and Captain America so made a Plan  :- This guy’s divide-and-conquer games:

Cause a longed-for, bigtime fallout between these 2 guys:

Which brings this new guy to the fold: Named Black Panther

Along with this guy’s son (metaphor):

Who is also this guy: Named Spiderman

And the friend of cap’s newest friend: Ant Man

All of these events are wrapped-up in an epic final battle between these two guys:

Just before we go to get a closer look on the father-son relationship of these two guys:
And this guy’s new adventure as the new king of a secret and powerful nation:

And while all of this is happening, this guy:


Picks up this lost big guy along the way:

After this guy helped him find his father:Named Doctor Strange

To go and save this place (his home):Asguard 

From this chick (his sister Hela), Yes, I know, the guy has the loveliest family right?
On his way back to earth, he stumbles onto this guy, who comes to finish his plans by himself:

Which bring us to the big cross-over of the decade of both these bad-boys bands in an epic, last and bloody fight to stop him:


To be Continued:-
Here is the Basic Marvel movies Connection . Here Movie Name is not mentioned but the series of events that brought us to the final battle with Thanos!
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