Marvel Movies Connection Phase 2

Marvel Movies Explained in Short

So Phase 2 is start

Begins with this guy, as always, dealing with another crazy guy:

And this guy going on another one of his adventures:

And this guy dealing with his past in an unexpected reunion:met his old friend Bucky as The Winter soldier

With his new-made friend, this guy:

While all of this is happening, these guys have created their own bad boys band and are having their own adventures, somewhere else: Called them self :- Guardians of the Galaxy

 Finally, this guy’s good-intentions and gone-wrong-experiments:

Brings the band together for a second time, to deal with this guy:Named Ultron.

And while doing so, they create this guy (Second time is the charm, right Tony!):Named Vision (Robot who can think and feel). And also a worthy, he can lift thor’s Hammer 

And they recruit these guys (the twins):

They all met up 2nd time

and defeated Ultron.

Here Phase -2 Ended

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