Marvel Movies Connection Phase 1

Marvel Movie Explanation

This guy: Howard Stark 1942

Turns this guy: Steve Rogers

Into this guy:

and also created that Shield, which is made from a unique material Vibranium. Before the latter goes into a suicide mission and ends up on ice…

Years later, this guy (the first guy Howard Stark’s son): Tony Stark (1999)

Kidnapped by the terrorist and Ends up imprisoned here: There he was forced to create Missile for Terrorist but he created an Iron Suit and escaped himself.

After then he Created This, So he comes out as this guy:

and called himself :- IRON MAN .

Now Meet this guy named Nick Fury 

Sends this guy.. sorry! This chick:

To recruit him to his bad boys band (Called Avengers).

Because of this guy’s last visit to earth: named THOR

Which, for now, include only these two: Natasha as Black Widow and Clint Barton as Hawkaye respectively

Now this guy Thor’s Brother called Loki wants to rule in Earth

and he is sent by this Guy called Thanos

To get this

So this guy (again):

Wakes up this guy:

And sends this chick to get the big guy:

And assembles the bad boys band for the first time to deal with him:

they combined and fight against Loki and Thanos’s Chittaury Army and won.

Here Phase- 1 ends

Visit Phase -2 of Marvel Cinematic Universe here

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