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The Deep Web Introduction

it’s been given a bad reputation and has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. There are many inaccuracies surrounding its purpose.

Explanation of deep web and surface web
Deep web and Surface web Explanation with Image – Fabulous Post

The Deep Web is a search term for accessing content that is available on the world wide web.  But it cannot be found using conventional search engines like Google Bing Yahoo etc.
These conventional sites can only be used to search for things on the surface web.  Websites that are indexed by the standard search engines can be found easily in internet. On the standard search engines only 5% of the available content online can be searched. While the other 95% of content can only be accessed through the Deep Web.
.Deep Web are growing at a ridiculously large rate. it just shows that when you google something you are only scratching the surface of the information.

So what is on the Deep Web that isn’t available through Google?

Well it contains databases standalone pages and documents. That are within private networks like educational material journals and other legitimate content of the owner, chooses to hide they are non indexed sites. That are not registered or picked up by any of the search engines.
If you have used an Internet database whilst at work then there is a good possibility that you have used the Deep Web. So as you can see the Deep Web has it’s perfectly legitimate uses and is widely used by companies and shouldn’t be confused with the dark web.

How Dark Web is different from deep web and how to access it?

The dark web is when you go deeper into the labyrinth of networks in the Deep Web.

Tor Browser Logo
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The Tor Browser

it’s here where anything goes the main way people get into this is through a network called tor which is short for The Onion Router a web browser that allows you to browse anonymously and access websites ending in onion.
Now these secret websites with the web address ending in onion first emerge in the late 1990s and were actually made by the US Naval Research Laboratory as a way of anonymous communication of sensitive material by using numerous layers of security and encryptions.
so the users web activity could not be raised .

Online Domain Example
Online Domain Example – Fabulous Post

now tor does have its uses, for example people who live under dictatorship or who do not want to be tracked by the government for good reason use tor to anonymize their web activities.
But sadly due to its anonymity over the last ten years or so it’s become a herb for black-market and illegal activity one of its most famous sites was the online drug traffic inside Silk Road created in 2011 that was known as the eBay of drugs.
it was one of the most viewed sites on the Deep Web and allowed people to buy pretty much any drug they wanted using Bitcoin making it very hard to track.
it was shut down in 2013 after a lengthy search for its creator Ross Ulbricht at its closing the site had generated around 1.2 billion dollars in sales and made Ross around 80 million dollars.
But the dark web has far more than illegal drug marketplaces passports and ID’s can be purchased as well as firearms explosives chemicals and computer viruses used to compromise security and hack personal data.
You can also buy personal data and is thought even high-profile figures like Presidents and Prime Minister’s personal information can be found on there.

For examples of some of the more disturbing things that can be found as a guide to cooking a woman. This is no joke but a comprehensive serious guide on how to cook a human being.
you can also buy endless amounts of counterfeit goods and currency and hire hit men although it’s unsure if the Huayra Hitman services are just scams.
But some of the most disturbing things out there is the massive amount of animal and human torture such as red rooms red rooms are sites, where people are supposedly able to pay to watch someone be tortured and direct what torture methods be used whilst is being carried out live on webcam.
A popular illegal activity which I do not even want to say but have to when talking about the dark web is child pornography sites it gets me incredibly angry just saying this but unfortunately there are people in this world who want nothing more than to pleasure from other people’s sufferings.
we have been given the gift of life to make the most of it and to leave this world a better place not to mentally and physically destroy the lives of animals and humans it drives me insane but thankfully countries have recently launched dedicated cybercrime to tackle the dark web with a main focus on cracking down on serious crime rings and child pornography.

So to answer the question of what can be found on the Deep Web the answer to that is pretty much anything it’s even being used by terrorists including Isis to communicate anonymously
with each other. Although recently one of Isis’s site was hacked by a group of people who are affiliated to the hacking group Anonymous.
So why can’t the dark web just be shut down while it’s not that easy the dark web is a murky side of the useful and extensively used Deep Web it’s not feasible to simply shut it down.
The anonymity of Tor where most of the dark sites are makes it almost impossible to track black market activity.
Since nothing is traceable and the money and expertise needed to shut it down means it’s just not going to happen Silk Road founder was only caught because of traces on the surface web and the site was shut down by the FBI because of some intense tracking and investigation that remains an FBI secret.

Dark web owner website
But just know that although you may feel untraceable on there if you do download or click something that you shouldn’t it could have some bad consequences because you never know who can hack into your system.
The stories of people’s webcams being hacked are endless so that’s it the Deep Web has its uses but it’s the dark section where things get really bad to end. In this article I would like to say that I really hope this hasn’t made you consider browsing the dark web because that is not the intention of the article I have never been on there and have no intention to do so I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I’ll see you again in the next one the Deep Web is a dark and mysterious place for the majority of Internet users hidden from the prying eyes of governments companies and security agencies a whole host of illicit activities can be found deep beneath the surface of conventional search engines the Deep Web has developed a bad reputation.

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